"To fulfill our calling as men of God, we must equip ourselves with the tools needed to be active and participating disciples in the world we live in. What I love about Men's Practice is our focus on building lasting friendships rooted in transparency, accountability, and loving each other. I've been around long enough to know that a monthly breakfast get-together is fine for a season but being in a group that dives into the Bible, studies the word of God, and puts it into play is what I found here on Saturday mornings."

Victor L.

Romans 12:1 states, "...Be Ye Transformed," but the question is, how do we do this? I walked into Men's Practice in 2012, a young man in his twenties unmarried with three kids but knew I had a love for the Lord and hate for my sin but wanted a change. The Bible says the only way we can transform ourselves is by "renewing our minds." Men's Practice teaches us to read, study, and memorize scripture. To walk in the truth. To live not to satisfy ourselves, but be a servant to others. To have men accountable in our lives to grow spiritually and grow biblically. We are to set aside our life daily, not be fans of Christ, but followers of Christ. Through Men's Practice, my obedience to Christ spurred me on to marry my bride to be a more intentional Christ-follower to put off sin; and put on the Mind of Christ.

Dan W.

When I decided to follow Christ, I was so excited about the decision I finally found hope and was accepted. It was like I had chosen to join my favorite team; I had the Bible as my playbook and was ready to go. We went to Church each weekend as a family, we gave, and we serve, and change happened. I realized I wanted to know how to run the plays; which play did I need to use and when?

Men's Practice helps me stretch those muscles. At Practice, I get a weekly lesson straight out of the Bible and then sit around with other men in a small group to talk about what we have learned and how it applied to our lives. I realized that these guys were not perfect and just as messed up as I was; they were genuine about it, no perfect people here. Men's Practice challenged me to get out of my comfort zone in many ways. I started to memorize scripture. I got other guys' phone numbers, so I had somebody to reach out to when life happened, then I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua. I have formed deep friendships where other men hold me accountable and lift me up.

We practice so we can go out into life and play well. We train, so muscle memory is established. When life happens, I know which play to run now. As a result of going to Men's Practice, I am closer with Christ, a better father, and husband. 7 am on Saturday may be early, but nothing worth having is easy!

Bobby U.

In September of 2015, about a year and a half after fully committing my life to Christ, I first set foot into Men’s Practice. That morning I found a group of authentic men dedicated to an honest pursuit to become better followers of Jesus. 
“You can’t just try to follow Jesus, you must train to follow Him” is one of our tenants. Over the years, the Biblical and inspired teaching, Bible verse memorization, personal testimonies, and transparent interactions with Godly men that I found at Practice has provided a training ground for significant spiritual growth. That spiritual growth has (and continues to) make me a better husband, father, friend, steward, employee, and servant of the Lord; in short, true-life change on virtually every level.
There is still work to do, and as I continue my race to strive for Christ-like character, I am grateful for the role that Men’s Practice has played in my life and the generational impact that it has had on my family.